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SSL Certificate and Install

What is SSL Certificate? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL certificate helps to protect the exchange of information between your website and your visitors from various cyber attacks. It is important to make the right pick and from the authentic provider to avoid any harm to your site. How SSL Certificate keeps your site secure? SSL Certificates don’t allow unauthorized hackers or individuals to access the sensitive information such as credit card details. It implements a number of safety measures to protect the confidential information from a third party. It protects the breaking of your passwords. How to install a one? Now, the process of installing a SSL Certificate has been simplified. Make sure to get the right certificate and is installed in an accurate manner. Certificate Authority is responsible for providing the certificate and associated keys. It is significant to choose a one that is best for your website. Let’s start with the installation process:
  • Pick an authorized SSL Certificate provider
  • Purchase and verify it by reviewing the documentation.
  • Step ahead with the Installation process.
  • Validate the SSL Certificate if it is working properly (along with Trust Seals that you paid for)
  • Transfer links from HTTP to HTTPS
  • After adding the SSL Certificate, Set Up Redirects
  • Update a new Sitemap to Search
Why SSL Certificate? It acts as a secure layer between the user and the website through an encrypted connection. It also provides-
  • Secure exchange of information
  • Websites that are authentic and reliable to use
  • Increased User Confidence that leads to growth of sales and conversion
Protect your Site  Having a SSL Certificate installed on your WordPress site is not a daunting task. The main concern is to make the best pick out of the available options that meets your business needs. We recommend you a number of CAs to alleviate your dilemma that fits your budget and meet your business goals. Some of them are
  • Comodo
  • GlobalSign
  • GoDaddy
  • com
These are considered under the most reliable certificate providers in the SSL certificate market.

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