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Importance of Outbound Links for SEO

Outbound Links
Would you be surprised if we told you that including links to other websites in your website’s content can help it rank better in search results, particularly if the data is relevant and useful for your target audience? Links to other websites can boost your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), create domain authority, and foster reader trust. These links are called outbound links.
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Continue reading to learn why outbound links are important and how SEO is affected by them.

What Is an Outbound Link?

External links are those links that direct users to a different domain/link. These links are classified into two types: inbound links and outbound links. Inbound links are links that take users from other websites to your website. Outbound links are links that direct users away from other websites.
Both inbound and outbound links improve a website’s domain authority, credibility, and organic visibility. Outbound links offer context to a Web page’s content and help users learn about something at a deeper level. They introduce readers to other resources that can provide more information to enhance and support the topic at hand.

Why Should You Use Outbound Links?

The usefulness of outbound links is a point of contention. While there are various misconceptions about the importance of outbound links in SEO, many SEO specialists, Webmasters, and even Google’s core search advocate John Mueller vouch for the excellent benefits.
When you compare it to real life, the concept of employing outbound links may not seem that foreign. You may have studied in school or college the significance of acknowledging credible references and sources. Outbound links can be thought of as references in the form of sources, statistics, quotes, and other in-depth explanations for your base material.
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Below are a few compelling reasons to use outbound links:

1. Outbound Links Support SEO

Outbound links may not have a direct impact on SEO, but incorporating outbound follow links that contribute real value to your online content and offer useful answers to the queries of your target audience can eventually help increase your rank on search engine result pages.

2. Build Your Audience’s Trust In Your Content.

Given the ocean of misleading information on the internet, it is only natural to take all appropriate steps to identify your website or business as a trustworthy source of information. With the help of outbound links, you can get context for your website content and increase the confidence of your audience in your website.

3. Show Expertise

Outbound links, according to Google Webmaster Tools, help determine a Web page’s EAT factor. The abbreviation EAT stands for a website’s expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. While there are several strategies to boost a website’s EAT quotient, increasing outbound links is one of them.

4. Boost Topical Signals

The perceived authority and competence of a website in a specific subject, sector, or specialty are referred to as topical signals or authority. When search engines crawl pages, they examine the content’s usefulness and expertise to the topic to determine whether it may deliver value to the right target group. Outbound links can help your website’s topical authority or topical signals by indicating to search engines that you have a strong understanding of the topic and are not hesitant to direct users to sites that have a good understanding and familiarity with the subject.
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Best Practices For Creating Outbound Links

1. Offer Quick & Easy Accessibility To Information

When adding outbound links to your Web page or content, make sure that people have straightforward access to information. This means that you should be very selective about the pages you choose for creating outbound connections. The web page should address and simplify the mentioned issue in an easy-to-follow way.

2. Link to pages with high domain authority

Link to domains with strong or established authority when adding outbound links to your website or Web content. Websites with a high domain authority have a higher rank for a reason. It’s because search engines have already considered them reliable and authoritative enough to place them toward the top of the search engine results.

3. Don’t Link To Pages That Offer A Bad User-Experience

According to Hubspot, more than 60% of consumers reach websites organically using a mobile device. That is why it is critical to have a website with a responsive and user-friendly design. Besides ensuring that your webpage is mobile-friendly, user-responsive, and lag-free, keep in mind that the websites you choose to add outbound links to should also have lag-free and quick page load time, user-friendly site navigation, and other tools that help your target audience easily find what they need.
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4. Attractive & Clear Anchor Text.

The visible text on a hyperlink that links to another link is known as anchor text. It is important to use anchor text language that intrigues people to click and compels search engines that your information is valuable. Avoid employing confusing or fanciful anchor text words and phrases.
The number of outbound links that must be included There is no ideal number of outbound links that will suit everyone. The general norm is to include 1 to 3 outbound links in SEO to your Web content, but not in an unnatural or pushy manner.

When should outbound links be avoided?

While 1-3 outbound links are considered common in SEO, and some natural linking is recommended, you should avoid creating too many unneeded outbound links. Too many resources can irritate and distract readers. It can also be harmful, leading search engines to assume that a website has an excessive number of outbound links.


Adding outbound links to your web content offers a lot of advantages as long as you contribute true value tour online content. Outbound external links, when implemented right, can raise your ranking and online visibility, bring you a target audience that believes in you and eventually increase your outreach and profit.
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